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How To Clean With Vinegar Around The House - Practical Tips


Using the right cleaning agent around the house is vital. As one of the top London Domestic Cleaners, FK domestics pays attention to the health of the occupants and the environment in Choosing the right cleaning agent for specific jobs. The cleaning agent for industrial clean up cannot be applied for domestic cleanup.

And aside from the kind of cleaning agent, we also enlighten people on the suitable products to use for cleaning their homes effectively. And we are going to introduce vinegar as an effective cleaning agent for domestic cleaning. Vinegar is cheap and affordable, non-toxic to the environment, and works very well.

You should ensure that you use the cleaning vinegar rather than the one meant for cooking. The cleaning vinegar consists of 6 percent acidity, which is more effective for cleaning than the cooking vinegar, which is made up of 5 percent acidity. In contrast, the vinegar used for industrial and deep cleaning consists of 20% acidity, unsuitable for home use.


  • How To Prepare Homemade Cleaning Vinegar

We can easily prepare our homemade vinegar cleaning spray to save money and reduce our carbon imprint. We encourage using these homemade vinegar cleaning sprays for London Domestic Cleaners as we recommend for our customers.

The hardest part is to get your relatively easy spray container from your closet shopping mall. Now pour a mixture of two parts of vinegar and one part water (add a few drops of essential oil or favourite scent for a more pleasant smell). And as easy as that, you have your cleaning spray for glass and furniture surfaces at home and offices. This mixture can effectively remove dust and leave a shining surface.

  • How to Use Cleaning Vinegar to Remove Tough Stains

The above practical tips are effective for cleaning and shining surfaces. But to remove tough stains like grease, grime, kitchen stains and much more, we should use the following Practical steps. We are considering tougher stains like in the bathroom, sinks, and showers.

These stains will require a much tougher cleaning agent. Thus the mixture of vinegar and water will not be enough to remove them. However, you don't have to worry because you can increase the potency of our homemade cleaning agent by adding a portion of our regular dish soap. To achieve this, you should add a portion of dish soap and a portion of vinegar and then dilute them in water to create a more powerful solution.

With this mixture, you can remove dirt, grease, and debris on surfaces in your home. In addition, they are suitable for removing soap scum leftover in your shower, sink, and tiles, leaving your surfaces smooth and shiny. You should note that vinegar alone is potent enough to clean tough stains. However, they may irritate you when they come in contact with your skin. They are not harmful but will leave an unpleasant smell after cleaning. It is best to use gloves when using vinegar alone for cleaning.

  • Preparing Vinegar Solution for Cleaning Floor

A homemade vinegar solution can also clean all kinds of floors. A mixture of water and vinegar will clean floors made up of hardwood, laminated surfaces and most floor materials effectively and efficiently.

All you have to do is pour half a cup of vinegar into a full bucket of water. And with this solution, you can mop all floor types easily. So you can see that it is easy to make and costs less than getting some fancy cleaning agent from stores.

  • Clearing Clogged Pipes at Home
    Clogged pipes can be a problem in your home. They will prevent water from flowing down the drain and causing an eyesore. You do not have to spend money calling a handyperson or buying a chemical agent to flush the pipe clear. A homemade mixture of vinegar can do the job effectively.


The first step is to pour boiling water down the clogged pipe, pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and cover the pipe for about five minutes. However, the mixture should contain an equal solution of vinegar and baking soda (a mix of one cup of each solution). After five to ten minutes, you should remove the plug from the drain, then flush with boiling water for the last time.

  • Vinegar Solution for Laundry
    Vinegar solutions effectively remove stains, pet's hair, bleaching and give clothes a fresh smell. Add half to one full cup of vinegar to your washing machine when rinsing, and it will give your clothes a fresh, clean scent, wiping off every debris and bacteria. It is best to apply this method on cloth made up of 100 percent cotton.


As you can see, you can use vinegar effectively for your home cleaning. 


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