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Get Your Property Ready for Lending in 7 Easy Steps


Lending a property is a wonderful way for you to earn some extra cash without investing too much effort in the undertaking. If the house or apartment you intend to place on the market is in a good shape, chances are you find new tenants very soon. Yet you should bear in mind that the cleaner your rental is, the better impression it would leave on potential tenants. To effortlessly find reliable tenants, make the property ready for lending in just seven steps:


Clean the carpet - carpeted floors add extra cosiness to any space, as long as they are dust-free and spotless. One of the first things your new tenants would notice is a grimy carpet, so invest a little time to tackle stubborn spills and unpleasant odours. If you can't afford to spend time disinfecting the carpet, just book a professional carpet cleaning service for your rental. A squeaky clean rug makes a true difference, which improves your chances for quick lending.


Scrub the toilet bowl - surely scrubbing the toilet is not how you wish to spend any of your free time, but a shiny, germ-free bowl is a must when you want to make your rental presentable. Facilitate the chore by sprinkling the surface with baking soda. Wait for a little and scrub stains with a stiff brush. To remove germs completely, use a mixture of equal amounts of white vinegar and water to spray the toilet bowl with. White vinegar is your best bet against bacteria, as well as unwanted odours in the toilet.


Disinfect the showerhead - make your property a desirable place to rent by ensuring a clean showerhead. Disassemble the bathroom addition and soak it in vinegar, so that you can remove germs and hard water deposits. In case the showerhead looks extremely contaminated, you should better replace it with a new one. 


Banish mildew from the shower curtain - let's face it, a shower curtain covered with mould and mildew makes a poor impression, which can lead to losing potential tenants. Ensuring a mildew-free shower curtain is a simple task you can tackle in no time with only white vinegar. Fill an empty spraying bottle with equal proportions of white vinegar and water and spray the solution on the surface. In a few minutes wipe clean with a towel. Vinegar would cut through mildew, allowing you to easily eliminate it.


Get the fridge ready - assuming the fact that your tenants would pay attention to the appliances your rental comes with, make sure that you offer a clean refrigerator. All lingering odours should be banished from the fridge and spillages need to be completely removed. Grab your spraying bottle filled with water and white vinegar and spray the interior of the appliance, then wipe clean with a cloth. To tackle nasty smells for a longer period, open a box of baking soda and leave it in the fridge.


Take care of dust - improve the overall appearance of your property by eliminating dust from any surface you can think of. Don't address just obvious areas like the floors and the shelves, but consider cleaning hidden spots like behind the sofa or even the walls. When it comes to removing dust, you should start with higher surfaces first and after that move on with lower ones. This way you would be able to work faster and provide a dust-free space.


Declutter - if your property has been rented before, chances are previous tenants didn't tackle clutter, which is why you should handle that task too. Throw away broken or useless things your new tenants wouldn't benefit from and rearrange all necessary items. A well-organised space looks more attractive, so try to promote a stylish image of your rental.


The cleaner your property is, the greater opportunity you get to lend it fast. Before you invite potential tenants to your rental, make sure you have completed the most important tasks that provide a picture-perfect interior.


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