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Eight Steps to Clean your Living Room Faster


Nowadays, the living room has become a synonym to the apartment itself. Most of us spend a significant part of our time there. We all know those days when you get back exhausted from work, take off your shoes and crush on the coach. Then suddenly, you open your eyes, and it is time to go to work again. 


The living room is also where you welcome your guests and spend time with them. Playing some board games, watching some funny TV show or just drinking a glass of wine (or maybe two, three), this is where all those moments are being shared.


Because of all the above, you will want to keep your living room at its best state.

Unfortunately, this is maybe the place that gets dirty with the speed of the light. 


Cleaning the living room includes multiple small (or not that small) steps that are often either forgot and missed by accident (or due to laziness depending on which one excuse sounds better). This is why you need to build your small cleaning routine for the room and below you can find some tips on how to do that.


  1. Start from the top of the room. You will be probably wondering what you will be searching for at the ceiling. Most of the time, it will be clean enough, but you might not notice the small spider at the corner trying to build his mansion there. Wipe the blinds and curtains, or push the latter in the washing machine if possible. You can also use the vacuum to achieve even better results. This way, all the dust that was covering them will be pushed on the floor or the rest of the furniture which you are going to clean next.

  2. Get a moistened microfiber cloth and dust all the shelves and furniture placed on the walls. Temporarily remove all the books and artworks placed on them so you can clean the surface underneath which often keeps a quite good amount of dust. Use the microfiber to collect any leftovers from the books and the pictures. You can also use a small soft brush if needed.

  3. Open all the drawers and clean the insiders using a cloth. You will be surprised how much dust is there too.

  4. Clean the windows. Get a window cleaner and a squeegee and quickly remove all the nasty fingerprints or spots from them. If you are missing the “cleaning tools” you can improvise with newspapers and liquid, which is a mixture of soap and clean water. Even the cleanest windows look better when cleaned again.

  5. Clean sofas, armchairs, and beds. Take the vacuum cleaner, use any additional brush attachments and move slowly around the entire surface. Pay attention to all the places which seem hidden but gather enough dust at the same time. If the covering is made from leather (doesn’t matter artificial or not), then the vacuum cleaner is only the first step, and you will need to use additional leather conditioners.

  6. Clean all other furniture using the microfiber cloth you have already used cleaning the shelved. Start from the big stuff like tables, TV stands, dressers/buffets and then move to the smaller ones like nightstands, for example. Finally, dust the electronics and any light stands left.

  7. Take the vacuum cleaner and first clean all the carpets if present. If possible, take the carpets out of the house and clean them separately since they are like magnets for dust. When finished, move to the floor and use any kind of floor disinfectant to kill any bacteria left.

  8. Disinfect the telephone and all remote controls. People often misunderstand the importance of this step. We are often using them right after we get back home or we have done with the family barbeque, so they gather dirt from many different places. 


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